Actress Ijeoma Thomas speaks on going through cosmetic surgery to remain beautiful


Fair and beautiful actress, Ijeoma Thomas has clearly stated that she is not ready to join her colleagues who now embrace liposuction as the new beauty.

The Umuahia, Abia State-born epic movies star in a recent interview shared her position on surgery to enhance some sensitive part of her body.

She told Sun News : “Celebrities of nowadays now go under the knife (surgery) to maintain a sexy body in order to be relevant in the industry

“For now, I’m not considering to tamper with any part of my body. I am not going to go under the knife just to be sexy. My body is how my God created me. I am still like that.”

“I try as much as I can to watch and maintain my sexy body by not eating everything that passes by. I also work out a lot. That is how I maintain my body shape. I am cool with it. I am not thinking of surgery. That’s why I can never act nude no matter how enticing the money might be”.

Ms Thomas is beautiful and well endowed in the right places, wondering how she copes with advances from different men, she says she always politely turn them down.

Hear her, “In most cases I am always honest with the individual about how I feel and that I am uncomfortable with their advances. But better still, when he is a stubborn type, I’d look for a way to get out of it calmly and avoid being aggressive.

“In addition, I am always careful with the kind of places I go to and my safety.”


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