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2face’s ex, Sunmbo shares emotional story of how she looked for a child

2face Idibia’s ex and mother of his two sons, Sumbo Adeoye has shared an emotional story of how she looked for a child in her marriage. Sumbo who is now married to Pastor Adeboye urged people to be careful with the words they say to women seeking the fruit of the womb.

According to the mother of 4, she looked for a child while she was married to Pastor David Adeoye and people hurled hurtful words at her about not having a child with the pastor immediately.

She recounted some of the things people told her and how much it hurt and she advised people to desist from saying insensitive words to people seeking the fruit of the womb.

Sumbo wrote “STOP passing hurtful comments to those waiting to have a child. You don’t have an idea what they are going through behind closed doors and the words you utter out of concern may break them down emotionally. Don’t be the one causing distress to someone else’s feelings”

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