Trouble looms for Godswill Akpabio as House of Reps set to sue over NDDC contracts allegation

The House of Representatives is set to issue a criminal complaint of perjury and civil defamation lawsuit against the Minister of the Niger Delta, Godswill Akpabio, after he failed to release the names of lawmakers that have been awarded contracts by the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC.

According to reports; the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, on Tuesday, July 21, gave the Minister 48 hours to release the names of the members of House of Assembly in question or face punitive measures.

However, the ultimatum elapsed today Thursday, July 23, and the house unanimously agreed to take Akpabio to court for such a ”defamatory statement”.

In the statement read by the speaker at the floor of the house this morning, Gbajabiamila says, he will not allow anyone to “assassinate the character of the house”. In his words

”Last Tuesday I issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs to substantiate his allegation that over 60% (sixty per cent) of contracts awarded by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) went to members of the National Assembly.

I said then that the Honourable Minister owed it to himself and the country to provide evidence to support these serious allegations. The Honourable Minister has failed to respond to my request.

Therefore, I must conclude that his statement intended solely to gaslight the nation to avoid accountability for the evident maladministration and malfeasance in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

I have held every House of Representatives leadership position from Minority Whip, to Minority Leader, Leader of the House (Majority Leader) and now Speaker. I recognise that the House has not always lived up to the high expectations of the Nigerian people.

As much as we still have a lot to do in that regard, I refuse to sit here in good conscience and allow anyone to assassinate the character of the House in an attempt to deflect accountability for their conduct in office.

This morning, I asked the Clerk of House of Represnetatives to engage the services of legal counsel, and instruct them to initiate a criminal complaint of perjury against the Minister. At the same time, we will instruct counsel to explore the possibility of a civil defamation suit

The House of Representatives is a public trust placed in our care for the duration of our term in office. We must prove ourselves worthy of this public trust or risk the censure of history.

Therefore, we will resist every attempt to undermine this institution, whether such attempts come from within or from outside. The House of Represnetatives will live up to the highest expectations of the Nigerian people. This is our commitment, and we will not fail.”

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