Social media, press have turned football into a circus – De Gea

Manchester United goalkeeper, David De Gea has said that social media and the press have turned football into a circus.

The Spainiard who spoke with DAZN said that what the press publishes is quite different from reality and that people on social media do whatever they want.

“I’ve been many years in a club at the highest level, competing very well and every year doing things well.

“But I’m also going to be honest: everything that surrounds football has become a bit of a circus. Everyone does what they want, on social media and in the press.”

De Gea continued: “They just have you reported telling lies or not.

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“You go to the news and, even if you say meaningless things, they publish very personal comments, opinions that have nothing to do with reality.” 

De Gea has been under heavy criticism of late due to constant errors committed in games which usually cost United points.


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