Olakunle Churchill reacts as Tonto Dikeh says she has forgiven him

Olakunle Churchill has reacted to an interview in which his estranged wife actress Tonto Dikeh revealed that she has forgiven him even though he doesn’t deserve it.

The actress who spoke in an Instagram live chat with Ovation Magazine boss, Dele Momodu, stated that she decided to forgive him just because of her own growth.

She said: “Yes, what I said is what I said. I forgive every single person who tried to hurt me(Knowingly and Unknowingly).

“I deserve all the good things of life so yes I do accept the gift of forgiveness..

“Yes you may not deserve or asked for my forgiveness but I’m giving it anyways not for your sake but for my own growth.

“Because I love myself so much, I am giving myself a chance to also be forgiven by my Heavenly Father!!

“Ooo No, I ain’t asking for forgiveness in return, never will. I am doing the right thing just for me, period!

“Although my forgiveness doesn’t mean I am stupid, not all forgiveness needs reconnections”.

Hours later, Olakunle Churchill took to Instagram with the post saying, “If we are not talking, count me out. #churchillsdayoffwork #mondayenergy”.

Apegg Adeneyo

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  1. You both should leave this Childs play come back together and give your son a happy life, Tonto learn from other celebrities, see small Regina Daniels living happily.
    I don’t know most of celebrities are careless with life

      1. I really love two of them together, they should kick against side distraction and come back together, they sure balance each other, #universeinsupport.

  2. I think is high time to reunite again and give your marriage a new beginning. There is no perfect marriage except we are just deceiving ourselves. You have misunderstanding and resolve it within yourselves. Please give marriage second chance. As a celebrity, many people always expect good from you. You are the role model to many people,let them learn from you. Show a good example to people that are following.
    Thanks so much.

  3. People should wake up to reality…no, perfection thing in any relationship…”a soul-mate must be our opposite yet someone we understand so well… that marriage is Divine… Both parties should embrass each other in the best way… Not listening to what people will think or say… but to what will be of the best interest of the both of them, especially for that handsome little boy in the picture that needs parental care… Churchill can help Tonto to be more balance, and Tonto can help him to be more free… they have originality to offer to each other…God bless their marriage.

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