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Nancy Isime gets surprised on her 5th anniversary with HipTV

Actress and Veejay Nancy Isime has been surprised by HipTV where she has worked as the news hosts for five years.

On the fifth anniversary, Nancy Isime who thought it would be a normal day at work was surprised by the company.

She was cheered at by the staff of the company while some musicians played blues to make the day a wonderful one.


Today the 30th of July makes it 5years since I was announced as the new host of Trending on HipTv.

5 years!!! Can you believe it?

My HipTv family decided to surprise me in the most beautiful way at the office today.

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When the official videos are ready, I’ll be back with my epistle, for now, you can catch some highlights on my Insta story

Today was a GOOD DAY!

P.S: if you follow me but don’t watch my Insta stories, Issa Pity! Na the main post be that.
If you know, you know’ she wrote


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