Man arrested after a friend who came visiting, committed suicide inside his house in Abuja


A man is currently being held at the police station after a friend who visited him committed suicide inside his apartment.

@chisomloius took to social media to reveal that the host is has been beaten to stupor inside the police station where he has been held for 72 hours.

He shared: “I need your help ooo! @segalink I need your help. My friend has remained in Police custody Phase 4 Abuja for 72 hours without my knowledge since on sunday.

“On Sunday his friend by name Cyril, visited my friend called [Innocent] and sleep over by his house. Although he was carry along with him a insecticide bottle (sniper) to the house on sunday and when asked what it was for?

“He (Cyril) immediately said, it was for my his aunt’s house. At the dawn of the monday the visiting friend left the house, went outside to drink with the content of the bottle and was left frotting in the mouth.

“WIthin five minutes of discovering this incident he was rushed to get the hospital and was declared dead.

“Currently, the DPO of Phase Four Kubwa in Abuja has held my friend and beaten him to stupor for 72 hours”.



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