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Indefatigable Madam Jisola Benson comes through during COVID-19

The year 2020 is definitely one we won’t forget very soon. It’s the year Covid-19 took away many loved ones. Lockdowns, Curfews and Isolations have been announced in countries worldwide, but one selfless daughter of mercy, Madam Jisola Benson, isn’t going to sit back while people suffer from hunger during these harsh times, especially knowing the pandemic has caused millions to lose their livelihoods, homes and loved ones .

Madam Jisola Benson decided to act fast, saying “this is a global fight and we all have to stick together. It will be heartless to do nothing”. Relief packages and food items were quickly shared across Lagos state Nigeria, with a standby health team to educate people in rural areas on the importance of social distancing, facial masks and sanitizers. And citing the US example where every citizen got a stimulus cheque, Madam Jisola Benson supported the helpless ones with food items and cash.

On a virtual interview with her, Madam Jisola Benson explained that a lot were ill-informed, not well equipped, or just could not afford to stay at home due to hunger. And typical of her, Madam Jisola Benson was not too proud to get her hands dirty. Throughout the 2 months full lockdown, without caterers or helpers, Madam Jisola Benson laboured and toiled in her personal kitchen everyday, cooking meals to ensure the hungered in her neighborhood are fed. She ended the interview by saying , “At least once a day. Everybody deserves a survival meal a day.”

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OAP Iya Jogbo of Max FM is dead

Seasoned broadcaster Emmanuella Pobeni Adepoju popularly known as Iya Jogboof Max FM is dead.

According to reports, the mother of four, is said to have died as a result of brief illness from Bronchitis and an enlarged heart.

In a statement by Andrew Hanlon, CEO of TVC Communications;

 “The sad news of Emmanuella’s passing today has sent a shock wave of grief and sorrow throughout the TVC Communications, and MAX FM family.

Whilst we struggle to come to terms with her untimely passing, our hearts and minds are focussed solely on her beloved children and her immediate and extended family and friends. “

He stated that Emmanuella’s presence will be sorely missed as she has left a legacy of enormous talent and spirit from the almost 10 years she spent with the company.


Court dismisses charges against Madonna students arraigned by the University over Facebook post

Charges brought against six students and a lecturer of Madonna University, Okija, in Anambra State who were arrested over a Facebook post has been dismissed by a Federal High Court sitting in Awka. 

The defendants identified as Opara Harmelson, Owhonda Badaziri, Abuno Jonathan, Chijioke Nnamani, Amaechi Benedict, Blackson Nwokeoma, and Tony Ezeimo had spent five months in prison custody over Facebook posts which the management of the school said portrayed the school ”in a bad light”. 

On Friday July 24, the lawyer representing the defendants, Chinedu Igwe told Premium Times that the prosecutor presented some documents from the office of the AGF on the grounds of a peaceful settlement.

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Seyitan Babatayo breaks silence as she dismisses her petition against D’banj

Seyitan Babatayo has taken to her twitter to release a statement after it was revealed that she has withdrew her petition against singer D'banj after accusing him of rape.

Seyitan made other points in her statement as she ended with: "I really want my PEACE. Thank you."

"I want my peace," Seyitan Babatayo says as she releases statement after dismissing her petition against D

In a statement released after Seyitan withdrew her petition against the musician, Stand To End Rape Initiative (STER) challenged activist Segun Awosanya, aka Segalink of trying to "pervert justice" in the case between Seyitan Babatayo and D’banj.

STER also claimed in the report that Segalink texted an address to Seyitan and asked her to attend a...

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