KFB Foodie: How to make Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Hello guys, Welcome to Kemi Filani News, Food section. On this blog, we will be learning How to make barbecue chicken Pizza.

Pizza is a savory dish of Italian origin consisting of a usually round, flattened base of leavened wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, and often various other ingredients which is then baked at a high temperature, traditionally in a wood-fired oven. A small pizza is sometimes called a pizzetta.

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  1. 2 balls pizza dough
  2. 2 Tablespoons olive oil
  3. 4 cups shredded cooked chicken breast
  4. 1 cup barbecue sauce (adjust to your preference)
  5. shredded cheese (I used mozzarella, pepper jack)
  6. 1/8 cup cornmeal
  7. 1 small bell pepper (rinsed, seeded, and chopped)
  8. 1 small sweet/red onion (chopped/diced)
  9. Green onion (chopped), optional


Heat the bbq sauce over medium heat, add onion, and combine.

I used the chicken breast from a whole roasted chicken then shred it. Add the shredded chicken, and combine.

Allow everything to warm up and set aside.

I’ll link the pizza dough if you need a recipe for it and the recipe dough makes 2 pizzas. If you want to make a pizza you can half the recipe or refreeze the other dough. If you don’t want to make the dough yourself you can buy from a pizza store and use it. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees F. Sprinkle some cornmeal over pizza baking sheets and set aside.

Roll the dough stretch each dough (if you’re making two) in a circular form, you want the dough light/thin then place it on the prepared pan brush half of the oil over it to prevent dough for being soggy. Repeat the process on the second dough.

Top with chicken bbq sauce and spread the dough. Use a little sauce or as much as you like.

Top with shredded cheese and chopped pepper. Bake in the preheated oven for 10-15 minutes until golden brown and cheese bubbles.

Remove and sprinkle some chopped green onion.

Slice and enjoy it!


Check the recipe for the dough HERE Homemade Pizza Dough.

After making the dough just continue with this process here. I love a lot of sauce on my dough if you don’t like a lot of sauce in yours just adjust to your preference.


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