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I’ve come to the conclusion that women are my biggest haters — Jackye

BBNaija’s Jackye has accused women of being her biggest haters which has made her reconsider her stance on feminism.

Sharing on social media, Jackye said that women love to pull other women down when they realize that they can aspire to positions occupied by women.

This she says is the reason why “it’s been possible for years to keep women secondary in a world they ought to rule”

Jackye wrote: “After last night, I’ve come to the conclusion that some women only fight for what’s convenient and not what’s right hence the reason we lose every battle.

“Guess who my biggest body shamers are… You guessed right “WOMEN”. The people who always try to pull me down with their words aka keypad warriors? “Women”

“The sad truth is most women hate to see other women grow. They’ll try to bring you down because you’re who they aspire to be but don’t have the guts to be.

“I’ve always wondered how it’s been possible for years to keep women secondary in a world they ought to rule, well now I understand

“Anyone who has interacted with me knows I’m pro-women, I’m a feminist but after last night? Naaa… Una no be am”.

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