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‘I don’t like rubbish’ – Etinosa Idemudia sends warning note to haters

Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia has angrily sent out warning notes to her haters, especially on Social Media.

The Edo Benin State diva seems to be tired of acclaimed fans on Instagram attacking celebrities over one mistake or the other.

On that note, she expressed her feelings over the issues via her recent post on Instagram.

It reads: “Entertainers, celebrities are human beings too. We feel pain, we fall sick, we get broke, we sweat, we cry, we fart, we poop, we bleed, we get scared too, we are not members of the elected government, we are affected by the harsh conditions of the country you are bitter about, in same conditions we work really hard to entertain our fans and make ends meet just like any human. Just like you. Just like you, we have the right to be happy, to have families- a mother and a father, brothers and sisters, have children who we love so much and will give our life for. Loving children who see us as super heroes who depend on us. We also have the right to love and be loved. Just like you.
Enough with the misconceptions, stereotyping, ignorant negative conclusions, spread of harmful Rumours, lies and hate ❌You all claim to be Christians, decent and more righteous than your neighbour in public eye yet evil and wickedness is your daily bread. Yet the way you treat people you have power over, people you are older than, people who are under your care, even the devil will be shocked. I don’t like RUBBISH and This is my FED UP face ❌.”

Recall that in a recent interview, Etinosa Idemudia has  said she is no longer worries over marriage or the kind of man she would settle down with.

In a recent chat with Inside Nollywood, the script interpreter who recently kicked off a talent hunt show, says, “A lot of men look and talk ready for commitment in several ways and turn out to be jokers. Then the ones that look like jokers sometimes turn out to be for real so really I’m not looking out for a particular trait because this thing has no manual.  I don’t even know if I would end up with an entertainer like me. I don’t have a manual. Who I get married to is in the hands of God. It’s not by occupation, tribe or religion. If God says he’s the one, it will happen. Me, I have stopped racking my head over such things.”

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