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Flood destroys Ajirebi’s house for the tenth year, son laments

The house of veteran Nollywood actor, Ajirebi Kayode Olasehinde, has been destroyed by flooded after heavy rainfall in Lagos.

The rain forced a canal to overflow thereby releasing its content into the property of the actor which has become a regular occurrence.

Crying out on behalf of his dad, Samuel Ajirebi, wondered if there’s a government in Nigeria.

“Seriously sad right now, I get to think at times that, are we sure we have a government in this country?

“Look at what I met on going to visit my family today, a flooded house due to the overflowing canal behind our street.

“To make matters worse, no one was at home save my dad, so the old man and I had to be saving properties and scooping water out of the house!

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“This year makes it ten years of the repeated and consistent occurrence of this with severe damages done annually to properties, at times leading to temporary displacement!

“Letters have been written, appearances made, press releases written, still no significant step was taken by the government to channel the overrunning canal. “We need governmental intervention in Oke Isagun Community of Oke Odo LGA.

‘’We lose properties! We lose rest whenever we see rain signs! Tonight is going to be a partial prayer moment for families because it must not rain tonight…. No house for us to sleep in anymore!

“This is sad and heartbreaking”.

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Ajirebi flooded house - Kemifilani
Ajirebi flooded house


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