Female beggar who was reportedly killed by her colleague is ALIVE (Video)


The reported death of a female beggar who was allgedly murdered by a physically challenged beggar after she accused him of peeping at her while she was urinating somewhere around Victoria Island, in Lagos has been debunked.

Kemi Filani News recalls that earlier on, a viral video showed moments an eye witness who spoke in Pidgin English, claimed that a female beggar challenged a male beggar for looking at her while she was easing herself, they both got into an argument and in retaliation to the accusation, the male beggar hit what the witness described as a plank on her head! The female beggar who appeared to be unconscious or probably dead laid on the ground without moving any part of her body.

Heartless Woman pours hot water on step-sister in Kogi (disturbing photo)

The suspect was immediately detained by people who got to the scene of the incident as he attempted to escape from the scene.

New reports reveal that she is alive and not dead as earlier reported.

Watch the clip below…


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