Saidi Balogun is an amazing father – Faithia spills…stops kissing or playing romantic movie roles (Details)

saidi Balogun and Faithia Williams

Nollywood actress, Faithia Balogun has described her Ex, Saidi Balogun as an amazing and hardworking father.

Speaking with TVC presenters during an online entertainment programme, the mother of two, Faithia Balogun admitted that she is presently in a relationship with ‘someone’ and will likely get married soon but she still has a relationship with her Ex, Saidi Balogun.

“I will always meet my Ex, there is nowhere we want to go. He is my kids father and colleagues, we always meet in the family house to discuss the kids, we meet on set, we always connect somewhere, amazing father, great talent, hardworking man”

When asked if he will allow her remarry, Faithia said “Sure, he won’t stop me from remarrying….he can’t stop me”

Faithia further revealed that she has been rejecting jobs in the industry due to the fear of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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As a matter of fact, she revealed that she has stopped acting romantic scenes or kissing anyone on set.

Speaking with TVC presenters during an online entertainment programme, the mother of two who has been at loggerheads with colleague, Iyabo Ojo, disclosed that after the federal government relaxed the lockdown, she was offered a job and she rejected it.

‘I would not lie to you, I am scared,” she opened up.

“My first production after the lockdown, I rejected the job. I was reluctant. I know that I am not infected with COVID-19, but I don’t know about the other actor who I will  be working with on set. So, I turned down the offer.

 They begged me and I eventually agreed when they told me there would be water, sanitisers, soap, they said there would be tempreature gauze and we will be checked in the mornings before we go on set. I agreed and it was as the producers said. Already, an instruction had been issued to producers and directors to have all these things in place before any production.

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On set, everyone had nose masks except actors when cameras rolled. Also, I have not been acting in any romantic and kissing scenes. I’m not doing that for now.”

Asked if she has been making money as aforetime in the industry especially from the cinemas and she responded that she wasn’t.

“For me, I’m not making enough of what I was making. The cinema is not giving us money. You spend so much on film production, you take the film to the cinema and the cinema operators take all.

However, I believe there are so many avenues, apart from cinemas, you can showcase your movie, if its good, and make money. The industry is lucrative,” she said.


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