US riots are not about Black Lives Matter, they’re to disband the ‪police and implant microchips — Pastor Oyakhilome‬

Chris Oyakhilome
Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Chris Embassy Church has opined that the riots currently going on in America is not about “Black Lives Matter”.

According to the Edo born man of God, it’s to disband the police and implant microchips.

The divorced preacher made this known during a Live Global Prayer session. Watch the video below…

The video has been followed with mixed reactions from Nigerians. See some below…

“Ekpoma make una come hold una Alumni o”

“The reason for the protests and “riots”, it’s because of the killings, prejudice, racism and segregation in the USA.”

The moment Chris Oyakhilome met Eben's sons and spent 8 hours with them

“The person playing the keyboard whenever Chris is telling his fables is a very patient person.”

“You’re talking in a NONSENSE. You don’t live or america or grew up here so you no have idea growing up as black in america. Go deal with your 5G experiment and ideology”

“He always speak wisdom , so intelligent and always in the spirit ; WHAT A MAN ……. “” pastor chris , worth hearing “””

“This man has be speaking nonsense of recent thou”

“Billgates and his associates will go far to execute their plans ……….. “” MICROCHIPS vaccination is their dream come ture “” . AND LISTEN, it is coming in the future make no mistake of that . BEWARE”

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