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Sisi Yemmie comes through with an updated Ayamase (Ofada Stew) recipe

Popular Nigerian food blogger, Sisi Yemmie is showing us how she makes a tasty Ayamase or Ofada stew as some might call it, eat it with Ofada rice or just about any side you like.

Watch the video below…

“How To Cook Ayamase aka Designer Stew.I had extra bell peppers this week and figured it was the perfect opportunity to update my Ayamase Recipe.” She wrote as she shared the video…


2 Cups Ofada Rice

4 Cups Water

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Vegetable Oil


Heat up water in a pot till it boils.

Rinse rice thoroughly and add to pot of boiling water. Add salt and oil.

Cook for 35 minutes. 

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1/4 cup Palm Oil

1 Tbs Iru (Locust Beans)

1 kg Assorted Meat (Shaki, Kpomo, Liver) – already cooked

600g Cooked Chicken

1 Cup Chicken Broth 

1 tsp Salt

1 Seasoning Cube

1 tbs Crayfish

1 medium Onions

Green Tomatoes

Green Bell Pepper

Green Habanero Pepper


Blend green tomatoes, peppers and onion, place in a pot and boil for 15 minutes.

Heat up a pot and add palm oil. Allow to bleach for 10 minutes; this means leaving it to heat up and smoke till it is almost similar to vegetable oil. After 10 minutes allow to cool a bit.

Add chopped onions, saute, then add the boiled tomato/pepper 

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Add salt, iru (locust beans), assorted meat and crayfish. Cover and allow to cook till oil floats to the top.

Add chicken stock, taste and then add seasoning cube if necessary. Also add cooked chicken now. 

Allow to cook for 5 more minutes and simmer.


This stew is intended for pleasure only: don’t allow bae eat it outside oh. Very risky.

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