“No man wants a woman he can’t control…” Bimbo Oshin opens up on marriage to Dudu Heritage

Business woman and actress Bimbo Oshin is one of the most highly respected movie veterans in the Nigerian movie industry today.

Besides being a successful actress, Kemi Filani News reports that Bimbo Oshin is happily married to popular music promoter based in America Ola Ibironke popularly known as Dudu Heritage and their marriage is blessed with two adorable kids.

Opening up on how she has successfully kept her home for 17 years now, Bimbo Oshin told City People thus:

“I give almighty God, all the glory. It is not by my might. When you marry your friend, that is what you get. One thing about me is that I balance everything. I know when to go work, when to have time for family, so I balance everything in my life perfectly. I know when to go to work, when to take care of my family, so no aspect is lacking behind, I try as much as possible to balance it. I give God all the glory.

Bimbo Oshin's kids

Marriage is like a black market. It is only God that help. Like I earlier said, it is not by my might but by his grace that has kept me going. No one goes into any marriage with plans of breaking up later, there are things involved when you are going into marriage. As a celebrity, you need to bury that stardom. If you want the marriage to work, because no man will want to marry a woman that won’t attend to him, no man will want a woman that will not obey him or be submissive.

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Fine, we are not slaves but as a woman, you have to do what your husband wants, and when you need something from your husband, there are ways to go about it and achieve your aim, there are ways to approach him. For me, if I need something from my husband or I want my husband to do something, there’s a way I go about it, I beg if need be at least, he is my husband. I don’t do things against his wish because he is the head of the family. I get my husband’s approval over anything I do, if he says no, then I relax.”

Lots of her colleagues both young and old respect and love Bimbo Oshin to a fault, she is one veteran actress you will hardly hear any scandal about, she minds her business and maintains a very cordial relationship with both her juniors and contemporaries.

Bimbo Oshin and husband, Dudu Heritage

She is also one actress you can’t see at every party or event especially ones she is not invited. She takes it upon herself to encourage the up and coming ones and this explains why most of the younger stars refer to her as their role model.

When it comes to competition most especially on social media which most actresses do, you can hardly find Bimbo Oshin in that circle, she maintains a very low profile and she can never be caught flaunting anything on social media.

This beautiful actress once said she has been able to remain relevant in the industry mainly because she has never allowed the fame get into her head, she doesn’t see herself as a star but just a very simple and free spirited person. According to her she is always very conscious of what she does in the industry mainly because she is very grounded in her father’s words and upbringing and also because of her kids so they won’t search through the Internet tomorrow and be disappointed with what they will read about her.

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The movie industry most especially the Yoruba movie industry is filled with envy, hatred and jealousy but this gorgeous mother of two believes strongly in live and let live lifestyle. You can hardly see her entangled in any unnecessary drama in the industry and it’s one of the reasons she’s loved by many.

“A very simple and free-spirited person and above all, I always remember what my father told me. He said, I should always remember the daughter of whom I am, keep a very good name and not tarnish my image and I should always be myself and all his words and advise has kept me going right from the beginning till date.

So am very careful with what I do, I have kids, and I don’t want them to goggle my name on the net, and read rubbish or anything that will affect them tomorrow, so as an upcoming star, keep a good name, so when you finally become a star. It won’t hurt you. Though they still write some rubbish on the net, and I guess that is the price for being famous.”

Tireni Adebayo

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