Mr Dutch to give out N5 million in celebration of birthday

Nigerian celebrity, Mr Dutch has said that he will be giving out N5 million to help people as he celebrates his birthday.

Taking to Instagram, Mr Dutch stated that the reason for the massive giveaway is to help put smiles on people’s faces.

He also stated that such would be is legacy which he believes will help make the world a better place.

He wrote: “In the spirit of my birthday celebration on the Friday 26th June which is exactly 5 days starting from today! Amidst this coronavirus pandemic and social distances era instead of throwing parties and pampering myself with gifts I would be giving out 5 Million Naira to help people that are really in need of good food, water, clothes, visiting the orphanage babies homes and also to help people revive their business. Massive giveaways within this 5 days into my birthday starting today.

Believe me, The best birthday gift that I really want is to put smiles and happiness on people’s faces, this is way more satisfactory for me than throwing a birthday party for my family and friends to celebrate me, feel free to convert your gift packages for me and join the cause!
The management of my “Mr Dutch Foundation” would take full responsibilities for the action plan in making all this happen.

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“My legacy is an act of generosity without expectation , I would continue to leave these footprint to help make the world around me a better place. Remember, we don’t own the planet, we are just curating it for future generations”.

Mr Dutch
Mr Dutch

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