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Lady reveals why a partner must be consulted first before a decision is made in a relationship


A Nigerian lady has given a reason why it is best to consult with one’s partner before making a decision.

Sharing on Twitter, @omotolaniee stated that she took a decision to attend an event without consulting her partner who consulted her before deciding on attending the event.

She wrote: “My friend once invited me and the fam to an event and I immediately gave her word that we’d be there. Her husband invited my husband to the same event and his response was : “I’ll discuss with my wife and get back to you” This particular occurrence taught me some things.

“I realized that I was used to agreeing to certain things without consulting my partner and then in turn ‘Forcing’ him to accept.That is proper toxic behavior and I’m glad I identified it. He on the other hand would always make sure to consult me first and that is more healthy.

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“I have adjusted since then and now when something is presented to me, I let them know that I’d get back to them especially if it involves both of us. I shouldn’t be affirming to things first and then convincing my partner later. Looks abusive.

“Lesson from my talk this morning is that you people should be discussing things with your partner first and be carrying them along. It makes them know that their opinion is respected and it helps in building a healthy relationship. That’s all for today on Omotolani’s nuggets”.

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