Kate Henshaw slams critics of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo over wife’s death

Ibidun Ighodalo Nigerians demand truth

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has reacted to the criticism of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo hours after his wife, Ibidun Ighodalo died of a heart attack.

Shortly after Ibidun died, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo of Trinity House Church found time to attend the burial ceremony held by another family.

At the event, he said, “At 2 am this morning, I received a call that shattered my entire life.

“We do not have control over most things in life, how you were born, which womb you came from and your race.

“Life is a deep mystery no one even as wise as Solomon can tell you they understand life.

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“There is going to come a time when we will see clearly as Jesus sees.”

Twitter users criticized the clergyman who they say ought to be mourning his wife instead of what he did.

Reacting to the criticism, Kate Henshaw said: “You cannot tell someone how they can mourn their loved ones.
Leave Pastor Ituah alone. He keeps his word always and if anything he is a strong example of deep faith and courage in God!
All you and your stereotype mourning that reeks to the Heavens!”.

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