‘I am disappointed in you’ – Toyin Abraham’s fan attack her after she did this

Fans attack Toyin Abraham
Fans attack Toyin Abraham

Most loved Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham was seen exchanging words with a follower who accused her wrongly on Instagram. In the conversation that ensued between Toyin Abraham and the fan with the Instagram handle @patbumm , it was observed that both parties were angry and ready to fight each other.

According to Patbumm, she asked Toyin Abraham who happened to be the CEO of the herbs she bought , if she should discontinue the fertility herbs she got from her since she had already stopped advertising them. Patbumm however got angry after she did not get any response from the person she got the herbs from.

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Read all she said below;

“Am terribly disappointing in you Miss Toyin! I bought your herbs and suddenly I was not hearing single thing about the herbs on any of your platforms again! As a concerned consumer I reached out to you on this platform and on every other platform I can think of to ask if it’s still safe to keep drinking the herbs since I can’t see it anyway again, there was not a single response, not from you or from any of your representatives!
That is a terrible, terrible customer relationship you’ve got there especially when it has to do with consumable goods. You need to read more about good customers relationships as u go into serious business because being a celebrity might not be enough. Don’t forget that one customer satisfied is more than ten more customers gained!!”

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Toyin Abraham who obviously wasn’t pleased with the kind of comment she got, replied saying;

“@patbumm there’s nobody I didnt respond to and I’m highly in you aswell for accusing me wrong,cos one of my distributors that didn’t even finish her stock i still did advert few days ago so madam I’m highly disappointed in you too”

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