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#DraggingGod trends in reaction to rape, murder of Uwaila Omozuwa

uwaila omozuwa

Nigerians have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #DraggingGod after a UNIBEN student was raped to death inside a church.

Some Twitter users blamed God for creating men while others wondered why he did nothing to save the rape victim.

@TheKooKoorere wrote: “The idea of creating men must have sounded so fantastic in God’s mind but the execution? A complete fail. Easily one of his worst works”.

@Funshographix also wrote: “A God who doesn’t care about slavery. How do you expect him to care about a girl that was raped. Slavery lasted over 1000 years & God did nothing to stop it. So stop #draggingGod. God only care if you’re paying your tithes or else your ass will burn in hell. What a fraud father.”

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Below are some reactions in support of God and against those #DraggingGod.

@Kel_Astro: “Most of you have not lived or upto 100 yrs & you think you are wiser than a being that lives outside space & time & has existed for billions of years before our universe was created. I’m talking of spirituality & physics here. Y’all dragging God are extremely foolish”.

@Ezeben19: “You insult h ,he’s still God
You don’t worship him he’s still God
You shoot your gun up it can’t go close to him
Koso oba bi re..

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