Bolanle sent me out of our hotel room — Ultimate Love’s Arnold cries out

Arnold and bolanle
Ultimate Love's Arnold and Bolanle

Ultimate love guest, Henry Arnold has taken to his Instagram page to cry out that he was sent out of their hotel room by his partner, Bolanle.

According to him, it all started after they were gifted 1.5 million naira by their fans to rent an apartment, but Bolanle insisted that her own share of the money begiven to her.

He then claimed that he returned a bulk of the money back to the fans.

He added that Bolanle only wanted to paint him as a fraud and scammer.

While sharing the disclaimer below, he wrote:

“PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT : Perpetrators should kindly take note. And as for those who have being involved in this act of slandering and defaming the character Arnold & Bolanle the law won’t spare you.”

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See his disclaimer below…

See some rections from Nigerians below..

“They even said you packed all the biscuits and cakes why do I feel it’s Bolanle that’s the source of this information. Chai ! I’m thinking too much”

“Some FANS are Becoming Very TOXIC… I’m so glad that steps are being taken to Address this issues! We should always keep in mind that ARNOLD AND BOLANLE CHOOSE THEMSELVES… As Fans, our sole DUTY is to Support them! Anything short of these is crossing the Boundaries of their Relationship”

“Oooh … god this person who send that voice note which confused many people must be arrested mean while us true Bolarnation we still minding our business”

Ultimate Love contestant, Jerry, apologies to his partner, Mercy, for being unkind and selfish
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