Bimbo Akinsanya celebrates son’s 5th birthday (photos)

Bimbo Akinsanya and son

Single mum of one and actress Bimbo Akinsanya has gone all out to celebrate the fifth birthday of her son, Eyilayomi.

Sharing photos from their photoshoot session and mini party in the house, Bimbo Akinsanya wrote “EYILAYOMI IS 5.Happy birthday to my precious gift from GOD, my Eyilayomi. I pray that just like your name is so shall you be! May you always be a reason for me to be joyful!

Not only me, but GOD shall use you as a reason for rejoicing to those that comes in contact with you in JESUS’ name!

My beloved son, I pray that may the LORD GOD Almighty grant me the grace to raise you up according to His will. Your life shall be useful to the One who made you!

I shall never have a reason to be sorrowful over you! May the LORD continue to keep and protect you, may He keep you in His will all the days of your life in JESUS’ name! Happy fifth birthday my precious gift from GOD “Eyilayomi”

Kemi Filani News recounts that Bimbo Akinsanya got married in 2014 and got separated from her husband in 2015 when her son was just three months old.

“I left that marriage when my son was just 3 months old…you think it was easy to make that decision? No. I left early cos I didn’t want to die, I left early cos I didn’t want to lose my child, I left early cos I didn’t want to be a murderer. ( its a story for another day ) I was married for a year & 4months & it was hellish.

Hello, DO NOT KILL ANOTHER PERSON’S CHILD all in the name of marriage. I am also a mother & I know how I am striving to train & feed my son. Please, don’t pray or wish for a mother to labour in vain oooo🙏 it must be AN EYE FOR AN EYE🙌🏻 “ she revealed.

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