You will use your mouth to insult your husband in a year’s time – Troll slams Anita Joseph

anita joseph

It has been predicted by a troll that actress Anita Joseph will one day insult her husband and this will happen in a year’s time.

This came from a troll who reacted after the actress warned people never to insult her husband Real Mcfish whom she got married to this year.

The troll couldn’t stand the warning from Anita Joseph, and so in response, he stated that the actress will one day insult her husband herself.

“No worry… before one year now na u go still use your mouth insult your husband. Na then you go realize set relationship no be the same with marriage”, the troll wrote.

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Anita Joseph fired back at the troll by telling him not to embarrass his lineage.

She wrote: “When you don’t have anything to say, it’s better you shuuush so you don’t embarrass your lineage”.

The troll responded by assuring the actress that his words will one day come to pass concerning her marriage to McFish.

He wrote: “Just mark my words. When that time come you go remember set one idiot been talk am that time but you think say na joke”.

Anita Joseph has not been able to keep social media away from the joy she has been deriving since she got married to her husband. She’s always seen sharing posts gushing about the love she feels with him.

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