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Why you should stop hating people of other religions – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has given reasons why the hate shown towards people of other religions needs to stop.

Sharing a preface from his upcoming book, Reno Omokri stated that the religion one practices today is mostly as a result of being born into it.

He wrote: “Most people did not choose their religions. They were born into it. Once you understand this, nobody will tell you to stop hating and start understanding people of other religions. It will just happen automatically,
The vast majority of humanity are not even conscious that they are the product of other people’s choices. If you were born in Saudi Arabia, you would be a Muslim. If you were born to Jewish parents in Jerusalem, you would be a Jew. If you were born in Italy, chances are strong that you would be a Catholic. If you were born in England to English parents, you are likely to be an Anglican. What role did you play in deciding your religion? Nothing.

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Less than 1% of Earth’s population chose their religion. Geography and history made that choice for them. And then throughout their lives, those choices are reinforced by indoctrination. From the cradle to the grave, most people are programmed robots.
I am reminded of a book,The Pirate, by Harold Robbins. In the book, a Jew who lost his wife in a desert sandstorm, gave his son to an Arab family so the child would not die. The boy grew up to become a fanatical Muslim who was against Jews.
Badyr Al Fay’s story happened in -9th Century West Africa in the real life story of Afonja, of Ilorin. Afonja, an ethnic Edekiri (an ethnicity now known by the historically inaccurate name of Yoruba) asked Alimi to teach his son, and his son took to Alimi and became an adherent of Alimi’s ideas. The rest is history.
So stop hating people of other religions as yours, even if that religion is an opposing one. I take myself for example. With the love I have for God, if I were a Muslim, I would go to any extreme allowed by my religion, to project my faith. That is the programming.

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That I am a follower of Christ today, is because I was able to reject my mother’s Catholicism, and my father’s Anglicanism, and take both Scripture and Quran and read them and make my own choice. Maybe because God called me. But how many of Earth’s 7 billion people have that”.

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