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Who says single mothers can’t bring up successful kids? – Woman narrate her struggles

A Nigerian single mother has shared how she struggled to make it in life after she was married off early and later raised two kids alone.

Taking to social media, Olori Enem stated that she engaged in petty trade, dabbled into Real Estate before becoming a graduate.

The proud woman has now become a landlord with a car of her choice to show off.

She wrote: “You see this woman? Married off early, betrayed by loved ones, kidnapped by guy she helped, sold oranges, yams & mangos in Otukpo, sold garri & plantain from Ore, okrika in katangowa,Real estate, Jewelries, became a graduate, did my MBA, brought up 2 kids as a single

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“Mother both are graduates running their own successful businesses, ( who says single mothers can’t bring up successful kids? From tenant 2 landlady, from bus to car owner, employee to employer. Found love. To you reading this, don’t give up keep pushing”.

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