Religion and culture prevented me from leaving my toxic marriage – Victoria Inyama

victoria inyama

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama has blamed religion and culture as the reason why she found it hard to leave her toxic marriage.

Taking to social media, Victoria Inyam gave out some tips which she advised people in her kind of situation to follow.

She shared: “Leaving a Toxic marriage/relationship is Hard; I personally couldn’t leave cause l had lost myself in the marriage beguiled by religion & culture. Leaving is not automatic, here are some tips based on my life experiences. Find a reliable friend to confide in ( don’t be like me, l was confiding in one of his sides. Get specialist support, you can pop into a local charity ‘drop in’ center. Searching online can be risky cause your partner can track your online searches.

“Keep a record of events, abusive incidents, evidence of your Partner’s behaviour safely, Time, dates, names & how you felt, record then transfer to a USB stick & keep safe… Know your civil & legal rights!! ( don’t be bamboozled like l was)….Financial Independence…. save, put money away if possible. It’s hard cause l know that well…Make/ have copies of passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, You can keep these outside the house, maybe a neighbour or trusted friend…PLSSSSS DIAL 999, ALWAYS CALL THE POLICE ( Don’t be like me always calling Pastors)…Also teach your children how to call 999….. or call 101 to report Non emergency”.

Victoria Inyama recently hinted at masturbation which she said is better than being involved with a sexual controller.



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