Only God could have done this! We waited for 10 years…

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I heard God ,first time several years ago that,  ‘ You just have to wait. I will answer’We were just few months into our marriage then.I had thought then that the waiting would be for a few years.

However, after 10 years of marriage with no child, we lost hope, doubting if it were God that spoke then.

 Then our time came. I came for a meeting of the gathering of believers. And the Lord spoke through His Servant, Daddy G.O , Pastor Adeboye, who was ministering that the Lord said he should tell someone at the meeting that’ Your waiting is over. Your time is now ‘

I went home that day with hope rekindled in me I received fresh fire for a living.I told my wife about it and she also received hope afresh. To God be the glory. That same month my wife of over  20years became pregnant.

Today, years after that visitation from God, we are blessed with children.#I believed the Lord had a lot of issues to deal with in our lives first.

God broke the walls of stubborn curses and barrenness It took Him time , but HE accomplished victory for us.What could we have done then?

Who would have given us children if HE did not? Only God knew what HE did and the battle HE fought for us.

Here we are, enjoying parenthood.We are not going to die as a couple who never had a child.We have forgotten about time in human’s angle.But we are living in ‘ time ‘ as given by God.

Only HE could have done it.We are glad

Praise the Lord

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