Only God could have done this! I smoked everything ‘ smokable’ for almost 40years…

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The Lord Jesus saved me.

Though I had lost a great number of my years to  smoking, I still bless His name for the grace and privilege to be delivered and to continue life with a new life that  could come only from JesusI was introduced to smoking from the age of fourteen. 

I smoked  everything ‘  smokable’  for almost 40years. Add this to 14 years when I started smoking.I looked back now and I can say , no man could help one. I was left to myself. My only companions were those with such vices of drinking and smoking.

May be some people might have tried  to counsel me against smoking when I was younger,  but they lacked the courage and the passion for a perishing soul as  me in my later years I was addicted beyond redemption when the love of Christ found meThe Lord led His servant to come to the area I always used to pass the time , for the so called ‘ Evangelism’ as I used to jeer at this term.It was this exercise of evangelism that God used to set me freeI want to say, the outing of the brethren that day was meant for me.Smoking had blindfolded me. My life did not matter.

Only God could have done this! Only my wife had a- non surgery delivery…

I was living life as someone who had to live for a day. Anything could happen  the next day.On this particular day, the Man of God , Dr Paul Enenche,walked to me, I managed to drop the cigarette in my hand into my pocketHe calmly told me about the wonderful love of the Lord and prayed for meInitially , I did not feel a thing. But when I wanted to take the cigarette in my pocket to smoke, something,which then I could not explain, but now I understand, just stopped me.

I brought it out and threw it awayI got home and found myself losing appetite for smoking.I felt it was just a phase And the Lord helped me by the prayer of the man of God. Since June 2019 till now, that spirit that was always pushing me back and forth to smoking was subdued.

Only God could have done this! I lived carelessly from teenage years...

I am free.

No man could save me. And no one could look in my direction to show me some empathyBut the Most Gracious God of the universe came to my rescueAs Yoruba people do say, ‘ Something was already late or had already spoilt…But my God gave me a new life.

It was not late for me. I had still an opportunity of life to turn away from the folly of  smoking beyond control.Above that, I am not going to eternity burnt over If only the already -saved –  could go outside there as instruments in the hands of the Lord to destroy the chains binding those who found themselves in situations they could not come out from by their power.Thank You , Lord Jesus

Iyanu Sunkanmi

Iyanuoluwa Sunkanmi is an engineering graduate from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.Iyanuoluwa Sunkanmi is a writer on Kemi Filani News.Writing is something I enjoy doing alongside my Engineering tasks for the day!.You can reach Iyanu Oluwasunkanmi -Tel:+2347061000090 Address: 68 Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

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