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Muslims kick as former hijab lady celebrates 10 years since converting to Christianity

A lady identified as Princess Judith Ize on Facebook has shared pictures to celebrate 10 years since she converted to Christianity from being a Muslim.

She shared a picture showing her rocking hijab and another one showing her without hijab to prove her transformation from Islam to Christianity.

She wrote: “Today, makes it 10 years since I gave my life to Christ. From Muslim to Christian, from hajara to judith, it was not easy in the beginning, but thank God for his grace that keep me going and will still keep me going. Thank You Jesus, am greatful lord”.

Her post didn’t sit well with some Muslims who reacted as seen below.

Nigerian lady burns her wigs, makeup kit and clothes after giving her life to Christ

Baba Ado Abubakar reacted: “Hmmm. We Muslims are not fools, u were born a christian. You went to your friend Muslim’s home and borrow her heejab. You wore it and claimed that you converted to Christianity”.

Ismail Rasheed Dawood wrote: “You were a fake Muslim I can tell from that fake Burka shame on you”.

Moses Elukpo wrote: “Congratulations my sister in Christ. Kindly ignore those Muslim who are insulting you, they are speaking out of ignorance”.

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    May 13, 2020 at 2:08 pm

    Don’t decided people

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