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Man comes under fire on social media for saying a woman’s beauty ends at 25 |Details

A Nigerian man identified as Ifeanyi Jerry-Oloto has come under fire on social media for saying a woman’s beauty ends at the age of 25. According to the man, men look for character and what a woman can bring to the table when she is over 25 years.

What ifeanyi said obviously did not go well with many females on social media and they have decided to react to this by raining insults on him.

See some comments beow;

“Hmm, sadly you look too old to say junks. Wait until you marry an ill

“mannered 20 years old lady”

“Abeg tell this to your sister and your daughters they need it .”

“You are so wrong dude. You even asked. They glow after 25.”

“Oga there was a mistake in your last name ….it is OTOLO #Yansh not Oloto”

“They always look alike , I mean the werey that posts rubbish things like this”

“Handsomeness ends at 24 after that we now look at your pocket, women Should I increase the volume?”

“Just look at the man talking.”

“Sharrap there. You’ve not seen beautiful women before.”

“I actually hate men like this … with so much passion I can’t even stand them … men that talks too much”

Reach what he said below:

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