Emotional moment groom’s mother backed her son during their first dance


Weddings especially Nigerian weddings come with a lot of surprises and sweet memories enough to last for a while.

There are different activities that excite guests on wedding days, from the dance competition between bridesmaids and groomsmen, to the magical entrance of the couple, the foods especially jollof rice 🔥🔥, the small chops and the likes…and of course, the mother and son’s dance, it’s always refreshing and emotional.

There are various emotions that come with a mother and son’s dance, the mother remembering how she took care of her son, the cry, the laughs and many more. However we stumbled upon a unique mother and son’s dance which caught our attention and we absolutely love it.

This particular mother and son were dancing when suddenly the mother took a piece of her cloth called ipele( This is mostly used by the Yoruba tribe and it is placed on the sholder) and wrapped it around her chest with her son at her back. This is to say she remembers how delightful it was to carry her son at her back when he was little.

Check out the emotional video below and see how lovely it is.


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