The silent war between Mercy Johnson and her ‘daughter’ Regina Daniels

Mercy Johnson and Regina Daniels

Every movie lover knows the sweet “mother-daughter’ relationship that exists (Or should i say existed?) between popular movie star, Mecy Johnson and popular teenage actress turned billionaire’s wife, Regina Daniels.

In fact, the both of them expressed deep love for each other on their social media handles. Regina Daniels who calls Mercy Johnson her mother had once posted about being excited meeting Mercy after a very long time.

“It was so lovely working with my mama again
@mercyjohnsonokojie #royaldancer
Love you mummy” Regina posted after reuniting with the heavily pregnant mother of three at a movie location sometime in April, last year.

Mercy Johnson has also called Regina her “Big Daughter” sometime in 2017, when she was trying to drive home her point that the actress, was only 16.

“I remember the first time I carried this Big Baby of mine….Mum is what she calls Me and Yes,She is my Child…..
Happy 16th Birthday Princess …..You are so sweet,Respectful and Hard working….Aunty Rita, you did a great job here…LLNP… loading ……????” She wrote

Mercy also revealed that Regina Daniels ‘grew in her hands’ in the comment section after a follower tried arguing with her.

Well, Kemi Filani News can tell you that things have fallen apart between both actresses who are currently heavily pregnant and the center can no longer hold.

According to our sources, the brouhaha started after news of Regina Daniels marrying Ned Nwoko broke. Mercy ALLEGEDLY tried to advice her to hold on a bit and build her career more before moving on to start a family as she was still a teenager. The advice reportedly didn’t go down well with the Delta born actress who became angry at Mercy and decided to withdraw a little bit as she sad she LOVED him and couldn’t wait.

“Mercy was only trying to advice her not to marry Ned yet as she was still young and needs to learn more about life. But Regina went ahead as she said she LOVED him” the source ALLEGED!

Since then, the relationship between both actresses has gone sour, and a further reasearch into their social media handles revealed that Mercy Johnson has unfollowed Regina Daniels on Instagram, while Regina still follows her, as at the time of writing this report.

Both actresses have stopped commenting on each other’s pages and they have stopped posting about each other like they used to.

All effort to contact both actresses as at the time of writing this report to get a reaction (Confirmation/denial) from them proved abortive.



  1. Please, mercy Johnson,, forgive her because of a good time u both have before… And remember she grow in your hand, and she is still your daughter.

  2. Mercy John son has done nothing wrong the girl.She only played her part as “mother”to the mislead child.Deborah Daniels.

  3. You’re a darling, You just showed how much of a mother you are to the mislead child.You told her the truth most of your colleagues are afraid of.God bless you dear.Can’t imagine my lovely daughter getting married to man older than my own husband.

    • Mercy played a good role. But right now Mercy is not in good terms with Nuella Njubigbo-Chikere. They even unfollwed each on IG for some time now. Pls Kemi Filani and Gift Adene, what might have caused the fallout between the ladies??

  4. Please stop crying so much in your movies. If Nigeria considers you to be a great actress because you poor on the tears. That would not win you an Osacr in America were l resides. I took an Nigeria acquaintance up here to try watching Nigerian movies they were so good. Some are good, l don’t care for the voodoo and witchcraft ones l immediately turn them off. I learned of Ramsey Noah, Van Vicker, Genevieve Ninaji, Miajid Michel, AY Malkun l believe, you and a few others. In the 4 movies l watched with you, you cry to much l can’t stand it. All you guys wear bad hair weave her in America they look real. That noise you guys make with your mouth and the other one, (ahhhhhh) l hear that here when speaking to a Nigerian so that’s not acting. The men are good, Genevieve is okay a lot better than you.

  5. Maryland Lagos
    ,12 Wasimi street u don’t have to blame Regina is because she is poor that is the reason why she decided to marry that old man

  6. They have to find it from their heart to settle it
    They can be enemy for the rest of there life
    What happened has happened it can’t be revised


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