Tayo Sobola exposes luxurious lifestyle of people who beg for giveaways from celebrities

Tayo Sobola

Actress Tayo Sobola has revealed that most of the people who beg celebrities to do giveaways are actually living a luxurious lifestyle as revealed by their social media pages.

The actress stated this in reaction to the lack of gratitude shown to celebrities who go out of their way to help people with financial needs especially in this coronavirus lockdown period.

According to her, the pictures seen on the Instagram page of those begging for money portrays them as living large and not in need of anything.

Tayo Sobola wrote: “Ummmmm… how do people think?
You reach out to someone on Instagram/ phone to help pay your rent / give you money for this and that forgetting that you posted different photos of yourself holding bulk cash in almost all your photos with caption ( We don’t fake it).

“Your Instagram photos is full of photos of you ‘chopping the luxurious ‘ lifestyle and you expect to be picked for a random give away. When your page clearly shows you are living the good life. With your photos taken in almost all the baddest spots around town.

“You turn a giver to an Atm machine. You only reach out when you need something. People aren’t fools uno. Let people give what they can give.
Some even go as far as mentioning the exact money they want (they state it authoritatively). If anyone is giving you a dime… just know he/she is only trying to help.

“What gives you the impression that person is ok at the time you asked for anything. Be grateful for whatever anyone offers you. Everyone has got people around them. Don’t be ungrateful. Nobody owes anybody. Stop forcing things off people buh PLEASE: Always check yourself well before reaching out. Stop confusing people.
Have a wonderful covic-19 compulsory holiday”.

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