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Man calls out slay queen, Uche Nilla for insulting him after he gave her 10K as giveaway

Uche Nilla Amechi

A Nigerian Facebook user, ID Okorie has taken to the platform to call out an Abuja slay queen, Uche Nilla Amechi for insulting him after he sent her 10 thousand Naira as giveaway.

ID Okorie

According to Okorie, he gave out a total of 500 thousand naira in order to assist people in this coronavirus lockdown. He said that he shared the money into parts of 5k, 10k and shared to winners. Only for one of the winners to insult him and call him broke for sending her only 10, as according to her, 10K “can only afford her maggi”

“The moment government began to talk about Nation wide or states lockdown i knew there will be so many outcry for help so i budgeted N300,000 for those that will need my help from 300k i increased to half a million for families,social media friends and Neighbors. One of them who approached me that she has no food at home was Uche Nilla Amaechi. The #500k was shared between 10k,5k and 4k many people here on Facebook Benefited,there is a man here that reside in Kaduna in his message he said ” even breakfast for that morning 30th he doesnt have in his house” He also benefited.All the beneficiaries were grateful many send prayers,the only ingrate among them was Uche Nilla Amechi who called to tell me that the 10k i send to her is not enough to buy what she needed,I almost gone mad and dropped the call.”

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Note: she is not my lady,relatives,staff neither am i asking her out ,she is just like every other persons that asked for help.This corporate Abuja runs girl who has been pestering me to introduce her to my friend and a top NNPC staff couldn’t even say thank you rather she asked me if the money was for her to buy maggi or what,i have asked her to return the money back let me give it to those that will appreciate it. It’s over 72hrs and she has not rather she went ahead to insult me. Nobody got more than 10k,2 of my cousins got same 10k each are here on fb.If by the end of lockdown and she failed to return it i dont mind spending over 100k to recover that 10k. The sugar daddies they sleep with that throws money around with them are now with their families and cant pick their calls hence they result to social media begging yet she cant value 10k and at same time the hungry girl can not afford to return it. There are so many people giving a helping hand to people without making noise about it and ingrate like Uche Nilla Amechi Amechi shouldn’t be benefiting. I warned her several to return the money and she kept on insulting me.At the comments section are her messages when i dropped her call and her details for those she might have been in their inbox begging money for food.” He wrote…

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He went further to share her insults to him and their conversation

His friend Maazi Ogbonaya took to his own profile to share the story and wrote:

“You can imagine. You are begging, someone gives you something, you begin to insult him. Why not return the money? 10k is not up to your Maggi, but you don’t have it.I remember sending one money no be say we get any matter o. She no even tell me whether she receive am or not. I later called, she told me she didn’t reiterate back to me because the money was too small for her personality. Personality mana i jirọ ten kọbọ, no shịshị kwọrọ akwọ. I righị nri tọrọ nke i ji anyụ nsị ten kọbọ. Personality nwa nkịta. Helping some persons especially those I don’t know in this app from that day became hard to me after that encounter.Ok…this Abuja aunty has tried the rubbish with this man, here she got served of ofe ede with ụkpaka. Truth be told, sugar daddies are busy with families. Quarantine and isolation is real.Slay queen nwa nkịta.”

Ogbonnaya went further to share a screenshot of her profile and photo…

Uche Nilla Amechi

However, Uche opened up in one of the comment sections, saying he (ID Okorie) has been asking her out and that she never asked him for a dime.

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