Khloe reacts as trolls shame her over bikini picture, says men have forgotten how to be men

Former BBNaija Reality TV star, Khloe has claimed that men have forgotten how to be men after she was shamed for posting a bikini picture of herself.

Khloe who shared the picture on Instagram got more than she bargained for from trolls who are currently on lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.

See their reaction below.

@iskypokie: “Corona virus yansh..nonsense..is this nigerias problem now.mehnn..some women brain sha. God forbid..of all thinfs to engage in now,ots to be showing bumbum.mschewww”.

@swanky__chidi: “When a woman has nothing to offer she clings to her body… Her only asset”.

@sohlmty: “This prayer that we are all doing now to beg God for what we are passing through at the moment some people will not let that player fly, it will just hang”

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@soberdrunk8: “If this babe wants to do runs she should just come out straight and open profiles on the various runs sites with price and lets know if we can afford it, all this beating around the bush isn’t helping anyone”.

@bigger_son: “God pls dash this girl one coronavirus so she can disappear from Instagram”.

@poshberry.146: “Fantabulous …as if corona isn’t enough…aunty we don’t need this type of heat…corona is enough for us…corona has our attention already…after d corona heat we can attend to u”.

@official_honey82: “This is not what we should be concerned about now. People are dying, their is no good money for people to stock their house”.

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@i_am_tomisine: “Koko we are not giving you any fucking attention”.

Angered by the negative responses the picture got, Khloe decided to take it out on men as seen in the post below.

“Just thinking out loud, cos the amount of woman shaming and insults that come from men these days though! I thought they always blamed it on “women tearing women down?” But the women I know are helping each other grow and hyping each other these days. (I repeat THE WOMEN I KNOW). So what’s up brothers???? Y’all be eating too much asses these days that you forget how to be a man? Is that d problem? Too much “shit” in yo mouth bruh”, Khloe wrote.


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