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Jane Ekanem calls out her sister for labeling her mad and dragging her to Yaba left

Jane Michael

Popular Nigerian stylist, Jane Michael Ekanem has taken to social media platform Instagram to call out her sister for labeling her insane and dragging her to Yaba left.

Sharing the ou-Patient card that was registered with her name, she wrote:

” .And while I started asking questions to understanding where my elder brother has been for 7 years, I was arrested through my sister who claimed that I am mad.
Please people would you not be mad if you were in my shoes?
Meanwhile, I was said to be arrested under ‘false pretense’. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Nobody sent for me, no one said ‘our daughter has gone wild let’s know what’s wrong’. Rather your big big aunties them insulted me that I am ungrateful, I talk too much bla bla bla (I will respect them enough not to call names). It was when I started asking them ‘if your child was missing what would you do?’ Then they knew I have been calm.
Guess who came to take me to the psychiatric hospital? My elder sister! She is yet to tell me why she locked me up. (I need a human right lawyer). I just want to know who told her I am mad (because she claims that ‘a friend’ told her I am mad’). I want to know that ‘friend’ or else, we put her in there. She needs to tell us how she built 8 duplexes in 10 years and being jobless.
#IAM#JaneMichaelEkanem #TillTomorrow. “

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