‘I think about you every time’ – Nancy Isime remembers mum’s death 24 years on

Today, Tuesday, April 28 is not the best of the days for Nollywood actress and TV Presenter, Nancy Isime.

The beautiful screen diva is mourning her mum who died 24 years ago.

Although young when her mum passed on, Nancy Isime remembers all that transpired the day her mum parted the world.

She shared the image above and wrote, ” Dear Mum, It’s been 24 years since you went on that trip and never came back. People say I was young when you left so I might not remember much, Lol, When the only memories I have of that age is filled with you. It doesn’t even help that I was always with you. I still remember the morning you left home, the blue and yellow print you wore, you letting go of my hands. I used to ask God why it had to be you, but the older I grow I realize he saw the future and decided it was better he made  you my guardian angel that way you could look after and protect me better. I just wish he gave me a little more time with you. When does it get better mum? When does the pain go away? When do I stop wishing?
Life without a mother’s physical presence and guidance is tough mum, but it’s okay, I’ll keep pushing, learning and growing. I miss you! I think about you everytime. I hope I make you proud. I hope you like the woman I’ve grown to become. Till we meet to part no more, Keep watching over me. I Love You❤️ “

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Nancy is also a  model and media personality. In 2009 she won the Miss Valentine International beauty pageant, and began a career as an actress in the TV series Echoes in 2011. 

She has since appeared in several films and is known for presenting gossip show The Squeeze and technology show What’s Hot


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