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Her twins are crying – Uche Elendu begs authorities to release Funke Akindele

Uche Elendu has pleaded for the release of fellow Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, by claiming that her twins are crying due to her absence.

Funke Akindele was arrested by authorities after flouting the social distancing and lockdown order by the government as a measure of curbing the spread of coronavirus.

The actress had thrown a house party which had other celebrities in attendance with a video from the event showing the guests apparently numbering more than the order against a gathering of more than 50 persons.

Pleading on behalf of the actress. Uche Elendu shared:

“Please release her. I don’t have any excuses to make for her cos the law is simple, No Social gathering !!!! but her humble and sweet spirit doesn’t deserve this arrest…We are Sorry on her behalf please @jidesanwoolu @balaelkana.

“She explained and apologised please listen and forgive, at least people ate food at the party, the people that clustered people to share 2 packs of Indomie in the name of Quarantine relief were not arrested, Please Forgive her #freefunkeakindele”

“Nigerians pls the same way you got her arrested through social media pls beg them to release her, her twins r crying”

Funke Akindele and her twins
Funke Akindele and her twins

Source: kemifilani.ng

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    • Please kindly forgive this hard working mother…she never know it will b like this.her detention and jailing can cause more harm.she admitted to it… please this has become her real life movie.we love her and want her to. Still be sound in all things.i wish anyone had advice her..but u see d level she went to please her dear husband.pls forgive Funks.i cherish this woman and I’m so sad.
      Please were is our palatine money?hmmm…voice mail and tommorw they still want people to contribute for GOD knows what…….

  1. Pls let funke akindele be released in the name of God. It wasn’t her fault, she is human and humans make mistakes because I know the governor himself makes mistakes and has made them even after he is on that sit he is. He should just issue a release warrant for her because she has two beautiful children to take care of. Abeg MR. Governor.


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