COVID-19: Nancy Isime and Lillian Afegbai clash over Government’s responsibilities

Two popular TV stars cum actresses, Nancy Isime and Lillian Afegbai have clashed over the Nigeria government’s responsibilities to its citizens during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Lillian had taken to her Instagram page to urge able Nigerians to join hands and help themselves and stop leaving everything for the government.

She wrote, ” Let’s leave the Government out of this, let’s talk about you and I. We are always quick to say the government can’t do this, the government can’t do that. We will be complaining for a very long time, so let’s get used to it while working  and praying for change. Change starts from you and me. Imagine if only 200 hundred people, now I’m even talking average people . Doing okay, decide to help one person, just one person in anyway they could. That will definitely go a long way.  We need to start finding little solutions that will eventually solve one problem. While the government is doing what they can do or not isn’t the case. The case is we need to come together and start helping our little communities, next door neighbors, people who are hungry, family members. Let’s try and spread love, encouragement, hope. You haven’t really lived until you can boast of impacting people one way or another. ❤️”.

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Meanwhile, via the comments section Nancy was quick to counter her, maintaining that as a tax paying citizen, the people has rights to make demands from the government.

She replied, ” If you pay tax, it’s your right to question the government else they’ll never be held accountable. Economics that work question their government. But you’re right Babes, we must also make sure everyone around is good. “


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