Aso oke with Many colours! Check out this beautifully designed multi coloured aso oke and be Wowed!!

with no stopping to the twists designers are bringing to the yoruba culture traditional wear, Aso oke designs keeps getting better by the day.

Serranos design, One of the most talented in the Aso oke productions is at it again with this black check aso oke designs for one of her clients.

Aso oke was know to be of a single colour all through made with thick thread making the out fit heavy, with the modern civilisation Aso oke now comes in different tones of colours embedded in a single outfit.

Nigerian designers are always on with their a games when it comes to designing Aso oke for brides, bringing a modern twist to the indigenous aso oke, this check design of Aso oke will wow you.

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Check out the unique black coupled with different colours aso oke design by serranos design.


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