And two became one! Rachel and Abiodun’s wedding video.

Rachael and Abiodun’s customarily got married and their day was loaded up with huge memories. The couple looked brilliant and loaded with satisfaction for each piece of the function. From the lucky man moving in with his companions to the lady of the hour moving in with her #bridal crew, at that point the real Igbeyawo, it was a joy to perceive how their uncommon day played out. We won’t overlook the enthusiastic time of supplication between the lady of the hour and her mum.

Truly, you know there’s no owanbe without a significant turn up. The couple and their companions completely came prepared to have a great time on the move floor. The features of their day were delightfully caught by Christiana Andrews.

Actress Linda Osifo would make a beautiful Benin bride (photos, video)

check how beautiful their day went below.

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