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Video of popular Nigerian pastor criticizing Baba Adeboye and other pastors who use escorts goes viral

Video of a Nigerian pastor identified as Pastor Sam Otenaike, criticizing pastors who use multiple escorts as security has gone viral on social media. According to the pastor, most of these men of God are selfish and they do not practice what they preach. He also added that lots of Nigerian Pastors who claim to believe in God watching over them are the ones who use escorts as security, leaving their members unsecured.

Watch Video below:

Recently, Nigerian pastors have been associated with the use of body guards either in church or at public gatherings. This act has caused a lot of controversies among Nigerians.
How do you feel when you as a person solely depend on divine protection and pastor’s prayers but these same  pastors will use escorts and armed bodyguards for their own protection? This issue needs clarification whether this is right base on following bible teachings.

"Sleep with me and get healed of all fertility problems" - Nigerian Pastor tells members

The question here now is that why do pastors need body guards when they can pray for protection?


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  1. This pastor talk sense, the only problem is his knowledge is limited to Christianity. Christianity is a scam. He should study the quran , then he’ll understand the true meaning of faith. None of the prophets where Christians, after all, Christianity came after the ascent of Jesus christ. The true religion is Islam, the religion of all the prophets, the religion of adam, noah, lut, abraham, isaac, ishmail, jacob, 12 sons of israel, moses, john the baptist, solomon, jesus and muhammed (saw), all of them practiced Islam .

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