Victoria Inyama slams women sleeping with married men, calls them ‘beautiful thieves’

Victoria Inyama has slammed some side chics that crash married couple homes without remorse.

This comes in reaction to all the confrontations, fights and drama online about side chicks.

In a post on Instagram, the former Nollywood diva called out women who are the reason others shade tears.

She talked about seeing beautiful wedding pictures and videos of smiling couples with the husband nursing the idea of cheating.
Victoria also wondered why some men get married in the first place.

” How we have turned into a heartless generation 😔
Women….How do U enjoy  sex with him then tell your children ‘God bless U?.How?
How much are you worth?
When another woman is in tears? A woman is d birther of life …..and death too…….Every thing we do has consequences…Every thing…Always remember that…. Ķá Çhìńèķè méżìè óķwùGood morning 😔😔😔 , she wrote.
Not done, Ms Inyama continued her rant via her Insta stories…

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