The disgusting thing Nigerian celebrities do in Dubai to make money (Details)

When the name “Dubai” is said, the tall buildings, the beautiful environment, the glits and glamour, the luxurious lifestyle and every other good thing come to mind. Nigerian celebrities? They are not left behind. In fact, it has become the number one fancy holiday spot for them (both male and female).

Nigerian celebrities go to Dubai for different purposes. Some for business, pleasure while some are there to pimp men and women to the Arabs.

Sometime last year, Controversial actress, Tonto Dike had a messy fight with one of her colleagues and she vowed to release a comprehensive list of her colleagues (Nollywood stars) who eat Arabian feaces for money. A list we never saw. But deep down we know that she was pressured not to break the table.

 According to multiple reports making the rounds online and from reliable sources, many of our celebrities engage in this disgusting act.

“Once they want to carry out the act, they get drunk to stupor so as to loose their sense of reasoning” A reliable source said.

“Arabian men derive so much pleasure seeing black men (and women) eat their feaces” the source added.

“Hian, how you take know? You don do am before?” I asked surprisingly… “No oh, na we dey do their make up na. we know them very much. Whenever they go broke, their next stop is Dubai” the source reliably replies.
Recall that a popular Nollywood actress who is loaded from behind has been accused by a popular blog of engaging in such act. A report she came out to deny. Who are we to further accuse her when we don’t have a video of it? It’s OKay because the God of DANIEL, Shedrach, Meshack and Abadnego knows it all.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Glory

    March 14, 2020 at 2:08 am

    Negativity will not sell you. First of all, I live in Dubai with my husband, secondly, tonto is my brothers friend, the president of Nigerian bloggers forum. His name is Godspower Oshodin. Thirdly, Arab men are racist when it comes to choice of women. And they are one of the cleanest men ever..
    talking about Nigerian celebrities coming to hustle in Dubai is all lie. We have lots of our celebrities who owns big offices, businesses in Dubai. So u don’t expect them to come tarnish their images for no reasons. You are Nigerian, pls learn to get fact b4 spreading. Truth shall set u free and sell u more. Ugly blogger.,

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