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The desire to document our life’s journey – Get inspired by how Martin Beck Nworah is changing lives with “Tales of Nigerians”

Martin Beck Nworah

Martin Beck Nworah (MBN) is an ICT lawyer, a photo journalist and the founder of “Tales of Nigerians” (TON), a media startup dedicated to sharing the everyday real life personal experiences of people from across the country.

Kemi Filani News’ Gift Adene had an exclusive chat with him on what inspired the mission, his life and love story.

In this interview, MBN talked about how and why he started TON, what he has achieved so far with the platform and his projections in the next 10 years.

Read the inspiring and entertaining conversation below….

About Him

My name is Martin Beck Nworah, an ICT lawyer and photojournalist based in Lagos State. I also run a media startup called Tales of Nigerians (TON).

How would you describe your childhood?

My childhood was fun. I grew up partly in Onitsha and Lagos, so you get the feel when I say it was fun. The ruggedness of Onitsha and the knowledge of Lagos gave me a perfect background to understand the everyday Nigerian from two important cities or states in our country. I also developed my love for story telling, tech and photography from a very early age.

What is TON?

Tales of Nigerians is a media startup dedicated to sharing the everyday real life personal experiences of people from across the country. It was started in 2018 to give Nigerians an opportunity to share their life stories with a dedicated audience online. All of us have stories and many people would want to tell these stories, so TON offers them a platform to do this.

What inspired TON?

The desire to document our life’s journey. I have met hundreds of people and interacted with them. Many have shared life changing stories with me that I believe isn’t supposed to be buried with them. They need a bigger audience to hear their story. So I decided to create TON to fill in this gap. So our people got a platform for their real life stories and also found support for their life along the way, if need be.

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What have you achieved so far with TON?

We have achieved a lot in our 2 years of existence but majorly was the recognition from Facebook in 2019. It pumped my team up and inspired us to keep doing good. I was invited for the Icons of Change event which was organized by Facebook in Accra Ghana where they celebrated 40 African youths leading change on the continent with their platforms. I was amongst those celebrated because of the work my team and I ate doing at Tales of Nigerians (TON) . Last year, we supported 50 families with money and other items to sustain life. We also offered free legal and life advice to people who shared their stories and needed some sort of support to carry on with life.


Getting people to a place of comfort to share their life stories is never an easy feat. So we keep learning and getting better with our approach. It can be challenging atimes but then we keep improving, dropping what doesn’t work and doubling down on what works.

How do you tackle these challenges?

I pray about it and then get to work. It is important for us to understand that challenges will always be a part of any process. I understand this fact and then try to figure out a way out of it, while learning the important lessons therein so we won’t encounter such challenges again.

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Where do you see TON in 10 years?

We won’t stop sharing life stories which was the foundation of TON. We shall double down on better ways of sharing these stories and get into new territories. My desire is to make people understand that we are all connected in one way or the other through our stories. And 10 years from now, I hope we get better tools and grow to continue telling these stories.

Let’s talk about you, You’re cute no doubt. Are you married or single?

Hahahaha. I am single and not in any relationship right now.

As a young and promising humanitarian, how do you handle admirers?

People will admire you if you do things that marvel or interest them, so I try to cross that line between what I do and my person. So many times I smile, thank them and ask for their continued prayers and good thoughts towards my brand and I.

What’s your motivation in life?

The desire to see people happy. I love happy endings even if I am not part of it.

Any words for the youth out there?

Keep working hard towards what you want and believe in. If you give up, time will pass anyway. But in all, be realistic about their chances and if something isn’t working, know when to fix or drop it and move on.

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