Seyi Shay has an advice for ladies who warn their fellow women to leave their man alone

Seyi Shay
Shey Shay gives relationship advice

Musician Seyi shay has taken to twitter to warn ladies who go all the way to warn another woman to stay away from their man. According to the 34 year old, if a lady has to warn another lady to leave her man, its time for the lady to leave the man alone also.

In her words ” Listen! The day u gotta msg a female to leave your man alone is the day YOU gotta leave ur man… alone. Periodt.”

This relationship advice can be linked to the recent happenings in Nigeria with the way women prefer to deal with cheating in their relationships including marriages by tackling and beating up side chicks. While there are those who choose to forgive and move on from it, there are others who believe confrontation is necessary.


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