Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola, others lash out at Zlatan Ibile over girlfriend’s post (details)

A while ago, Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael, known professionally as Zlatan, a Nigerian singer, songwriter and dancer made a tweet on his kind of girlfriend and hell was let loose.

The young controversial artiste had squealed that he prefers dating young girls that he can control.

“I prefer girls that still stay under their parents roof than the ones that are independent…. 😔😢 to control those ones Dey hard like bike wey the gear get fault.”

He added, “The bad side now be say quarantine now no go allow them play mummy and daddy with person 😤😤😤😢”

Well, obviously this didn’t go down well with some of his colleagues and other Nigerians who felt his tweet was too childish and indicating he only wants a girl he can control.

“Pele o controller general! Are you looking for a slave or a partner”, wrote Lola Okoye, who happens to be the wife of Peter Okoye (Psquare fame).

See more condemning comments below….


Ella Chioma

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  1. What a f**k ‘re u ppl bragging and talking about ….. he said his mind and there is nothing wrong on it…. just do ur own and allow the young man to live

  2. You all got faulty and problem when tiwa adding sugar to Amala and she said that what she want so you all should keep shut that is what he want he as bad experience about is last relationship and feel going for lady or women under is parient is the better choice so let him be and mind your business abroko

  3. Good morning everyone here, zlatan just said what he want, and that is the reality of it, any man who married a woman he can’t control that man is already in hell fire, and it even better to go for younger girls as he had said than all this bike gear damages ones .

  4. What your ignorant self doesn’t understand is that ,that a girl is staying under her parents house is not a guarantee that you can control her.a girl that loves you with or without the money is what you should be looking for

  5. One man’s food is another man’s poison.
    And the last time i checked, there is freedom of speech. Forget his role remember he is a being. We all have our different opinion. This man is right on his side and besides he simply means submissive wife…

  6. I stand wit u bro, some of ur colleagues try DAT shit n they are regretting it already, choose a decent n level headed damsel, not all those ashawo them, those 1s na hit n run we de do them

  7. Why is Lola beefing or attacking the young dude it is his choice except she falls in to the same character of women that can not be controlled period.

  8. Zlatan my man you just fall my hand * seriously*
    So you want to they do like our leaders too..
    Even those ones you think you can control they are 🔥 just pray to God* to provide a good wife for you…
    Even pikin wey dey inside belle don get sence..

    Bro wiseup
    Girls are uncontrollable now….

  9. Masta don’t mind them is your choice Lola why you want to carry everything on your head is non of your business so maintain your our family first

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