Nigerian woman recounts heartbreaking ordeal with cancer 3 years after diagnosis

Gloria GeeCee Okwu Facebook user has taken to the social media platform to mark 3 years of being diagnosed with breast cancer and advise women on how to deal with the disease.

In her heartbreaking post, Gloria GeeCee Okwu opened up on her state of health, stating that she is doing fine and has completed her treatments, adding that it’s not easy but she is determined to live.

She however urges women to perform regular self-examination on themselves to be able to detect the disease in its early stage.

See her long post below…

First post.
On this day in 2017, I was at Asokoro hospital undergoing a biopsy to determine my fate. Nothing prepared me for the diagnosis.
The doctor took out the sample and said:
“Madam, this thing definitely looks like cancer and if it is, we will chop off your breast”.
That was it! Two days later, apart from the lump, another symptom appeared; dimpled breast.
I nearly cried myself to death. I was broken in many pieces and wasn’t sure I will ever recover again. I have been through so much..I just wanted rest.
I have three kids to manage alone..I am the first child and just finished seeing myself through school..then cancer!
Three years on, I am doing well. I have completed my treatments, I am working, I am an inspiration to others. I am still with my kids. It’s not easy but I am determined to live!
Please if you are diagnosed with cancer, tackle it head on. Conventional treatments are harsh but much better than taking a gamble with your life on supplements, herb or prayers without proper treatment. Don’t let anyone deceive you. Cancer is wicked and unforgiving.
Please check your breasts today. Talk to someone if you must.

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